At NextLevel Surfcamp Bali we intergrate our in house SurfYoga training program.  This is used for recovery, strength and skills training. 

Surf Lessons & Coaching-

You now have access the best quality technical surf lessons available anywhere in the world. Your own personalised surf course, that’s tailored for every level of surfer. Stay and learn at our beautiful NextLevel Surfcamp, in Padang Padang, Bali.

Or progress online, with our virtual coaching program. Detailed Surf lessons and coaching. For day 1 Beginners, to Intermediate and Advanced surf skill levels.

Technical Video Analysis-

Get personal analysis of your waves from an Australian surf coach, with 40 years of surf experience. We record, watch and analyse every wave of your Bali surf trip. You get to keep all your surf video files. We also make a movie, just about you, to share with your friends on social.

This is where the magic happens.  You’ll get a daily  in depth study of your surfing is combined with precise skills and coaching methods. Making a positive impact on your progress in a fast and efficient way.

Daily Goals & Tasks-

Get daily skills and objectives, related to your surfing. This is the key to real progress. It’s all based on solid fundamentals of correct surfing. Surf skills that take you from a beginner, to pro level surfer.

The NextLevel Surfcamp Bali course covers all areas of surfing and ocean skills. World class in wave surf lessons, detailed video analysis of every wave. Surf theory, core skills practice in the pool, surf yoga strength and mobility training, advanced breath hold techniques. Your mastery of these skills gives you the confidence and knowledge most surfers only gain from a lifetime in the ocean.

Free Technical Surf Tutorials To Get You Started-

Get Expert Local Knowledge-

You’ll get the best quality technical surf lessons in Bali. Use our local knowledge, to surf the best waves, during the best swell, tide and wind conditions each day. The NextLevel system has been developed over 10 years of coaching surfers just like you.

A personalised and structured surf course suitable for your level of surfing experience. Based on 40 years of surf experience and training methods from a variety of sports. We teach all levels from day 1 beginners, to Intermediate and Advanced surf techniques.

Catch more Waves during your holiday-

Put your new knowledge and skills into practice. This is the best way to catch more waves during a surf session. You’ll also learn the NextLevel Surfyoga and surfers body fitness program. Helping you stretch, strengthen, recover and maximise your surf time.

Our clients receive ongoing support and training after the program. With many returning to us multiple times per year. We are with you throughout your surfing journey.

Trip Advisor Reviews-


Awesome Surf Camp

Thereisa is an awesome host, and Cam is the best surf coach you will ever meet. If you are serious about improving you surfing this is the place to be. Cam is deeply passionate about YOUR surfing. Spent a week surfing – at least 2 hours everyday plus in-depth video analysis.
Tendeka, Feb 2020.

Best Surf Camp EVER

Amazing experience and the best surf camp EVER.
Cam is really passionate about his job, and demonstrates professionalism and strong competences to teach. You might literally spend the whole day surfing and watching video, it is a 24/24 surfing deep-dive if you want so.
He will takes you to the best surfing spot in Bali with an absolute level of safety.
Theresa takes care of the surf house, clean and with all the comfort.
Highly reccomended.
Gianluca, Jan 2020.

Do the cobra!

If you want to get to the next level, or want to learn how to surf as a beginner the right way – do yourself a favor and go see Cameron.
My girlfriend and I surf quite regularly in the last years, but we wanted a check with a surf coach. Cameron delivered and more.
From the basic technique to the intensive camera review: all is done in an amazing and very positive way. You can sense and feel that you have met someone who found his true calling.
Cameron and his team care. So much so that if you’ve surfed Padang Padang – you’ll have seen them as they’re a presence in the water.
You’ll learn a lot about animals – Cobra, Panther, Eagle, but you’ll learn much more about your next level of surf. We did. I did. Amazing!
I’ll be back for sure.
Yves Nov 2019.
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